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This web site exists to get you started with finding out if your idea for an invention, brand, or design is new. At Patmark, that's what we do. We know the tricks and strategies for searching databases and records of others' ideas that are confusingly similar to your idea.

We keep your ideas confidential.

We search all the major Intellectual Property databases around the world and report the results back to you in a professional, clear report. This will help you decide if your idea can be protected by a patent, design, trade mark, domain name, company name, geographical indication....

Searching is our reason for being. Every day we investigate. Because we search every day, we know the quickest, most cost-effective and modern way of finding the target information as quickly as possible. Let us do the searching and the investigation while you carry on with your specialty.

While Patmark is an independent company, we are affiliated with a patent attorney firm "PIPERS". Pipers will give you specialised advise on how to protect your "intellectual property".

You are welcome to use the links to databases provided, but be aware that searching can be complex, and difficult to be sure you have all the results you need to know about.